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Abrasive Magnesiano Rapid Ø 100 mm


The abrasives for Levigacosta are used to polish straight or rounded-off borders, as well as making bites in Marbles, granites, porcelain, nanoglass, slate, basalt and any other type of substrate using electric and pneumatic manual spares.

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Technical specifications
Size options Ø 100 mm
Work Conditions Cooling with water and rotation never exceeding 4000 RPM.
Appropriate Machines Bosch, 3M and all others related.
Application Scope Granites, marbles, porcelains, basalts, products super white and artificial.
Available Granaries
  • Granary 60
  • Granary 120
  • Granary 220
  • Granary 320
  • Granary 400
  • Granary 600
  • Granary 800
  • Granary 1200
  • Granary LUX Black
  • Granary LUX White