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Abrasive Bite Semi-Resinoid 45° Ø 125 mm


Bite abrasives are used to make 45 ° bevels after edge (side) polishing in marbles, granites, porcelains, nanoglass, slate, basalt and any other type of substrate.

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Technical specifications
Size options Ø 125 mm 45°
Work Conditions Cooling with water, maximum speed and little pressure.
Appropriate Machines Açoart, Giom, Rexfort, Cochi, Comandulli, Gnc, 3 J´S, Hedel, Ferrovale, Dalpam and all others related.
Application Scope Granites, marbles, porcelains, basalts, products super white and artificial.
Available Granaries
  • Granary 60
  • Granary 120
  • Granary 220
  • Granary 400
  • Granary 600
  • Granary 800