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Tangential Diamond Resinoid 140 mm


Manufactured with the best diamonds in the world, and compared to traditional silicon carbide abrasives, the resinoids offer many advantages that can be summarized as more efficient, energy saving and lower cost per m².

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Technical specifications
Size options 140 mm
Line sm - softer Used for polishing special granites.
Line r - quick Used for polishing special granites with a high speed conveyor belt.
Line md - harder Used in short automatic machines or semi-automatics and in granites which wear the abrasive out a lot.
Available Granaries
  • Granary 120
  • Granary 150
  • Granary 220
  • Granary 280
  • Granary 320
  • Granary 400
  • Granary 600
  • Granary 800
  • Granary 1200